Great Design isn’t against the law…

July 31, 2012 11:12 am

Law websites certainly have a history of lacking in the creative, slick design and development techniques that we now expect to see from other industry sectors on the web. Today, our lead designer James is exploring the move towards a more visually appealing law website, and the best methods currently being utilised to do so.

It’s important to remember that a law website is aimed at a potential client, rather than at other law firms, so designing with your audience in mind is vital (after all, its these people who want to know you’re credible, trustworthy and capable of getting the right results). Finally, it’s starting to look like law firms are taking note and online marketing is creeping into the industry, conjuring up fantastic results. The main purpose of this design post is to display to other law firms that online marketing can play a pivotable role in the increasing success of your company – after all, good design isn’t against the law. Check out the five top tips below to get you started :

1) Know your target market and how to capture their attention :

First things first, its important to know who we are designing for. In all honesty, the law industry is probably one of the easier industries to identify this, but its always important to know that we do not want to devalue or cast a shadow over any services on offer. All services should share equal importance on your website, not only to show that you have the ability to carry out these, but also to display that you are a specialist in them. Catch their attention with short, snappy call to actions, after all, they’ve visited your site to find a service, its vital you make sure they see it and move forward with confidence that you are right for the job.

2) Create a personal atmosphere,  your client needs to feel that their problem is a problem shared :

Family snaps, handshakes and smiles are vital in the use of imagery for law firms. Throw in some testimonials from your clients and make sure they are prominent and easy to read, there is nothing like hearing a positive comment from someone who has used your services before.

3) Problems happen whilst people are on move – make sure you’re available to solve them :

One of the most important parts of designing your new site is making it readily available to view anywhere. Mobile browsing it set to overtake desktop browsing in the very near future, so its important that your site is optimised to account for this. We favour the responsive approach, a technique which allows your website to adopt a theme dependent on the device you are using, making it much easier to use on the move. You can read more about it here.

4)  : Use video to replace your informative textual content :

After visiting a number of law firm websites, you’ll notice that textual content is one of the major issues surrounding the design. Far too much text will increase the bounces away from your site, because the user just has no interest in reading it. This information may be important for both parties, so its an idea to consider displaying it in a innovative and appealing way for your users. Video is an ideal way to solve this, cleaning up your site content in place of vitally keyword rich text which will greater aid your optimisation.

5)  : Layout, colour and style :

When building a law website, its so important to ensure that the style fits the market. Identity friendly colour schemes are vital, deep shades of blues & reds are predominantly used in the market, to give a classy, professional and trusting feel. The layout must be user friendly, with a service slider above the fold of the page to ensure content is seen as soon as the client visits. Remember to keep that phone number concise and clear – most people will immediately look to identify this in the top right hand corner. Text needs to stand out to draw the eye and images need to be friendly and warming. Most importantly, keep navigation simple and clean so not to over complicate the user experience. If a user feels uncomfortable or frustrated, they’ll leave the site before reaching your contact page. You can find some great examples on our law page found here.

If you have any questions on the above, or you’d like to get in touch with your queries, please feel free to give us a call on 0161 452 0311. Don’t forget, if you purchase a responsive website from us we will give you a free corporate video.  Corporate video is a great way to add a different dynamic to your website and bring your brand to life.

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