Is your website easy to update, available and reliable?

September 17, 2012 4:25 pm

This week will see the launch of our eagerly awaited content managed responsive websites. This blog post provides a technical overview of the standards used in building these websites, including three vital elements to give you an idea of what to expect from your build.

Due to the nature of the clients we predominantly deal with (mainly law and accountancy), we know that our admin interfaces have to be acutely designed with a clients user experience in mind, whilst updates need to be simple, seamless and most importantly transparent – both for the end user and the system administrator. Our clients have an eager and interested approach to keeping their site content fresh and up-to-date, so with all of the above in mind, we choose to use a powerful content management platform called WordPress to help deal with their demands. Newsfeeds, onsite social media updates and enhanced client communities, with the ability to interact with your audience, can all be built neatly into one, simple to function site, helping to enhance the company profile and status on the web. The added bonus of being able to login from mobile or desktop means clients can keep up to date, both in the office and on the move.

I always find clients are nervous when I mention that I’d like to train them on the CMS system, specially built into their site. Countless times in the past, I have witnessed companies with an inability to help clients learn how to use their backend tools, resulting in a client who lacks the know-how to use a site that they’ve paid a premium price for! You can always establish between those who are comfortable using their sites and those who aren’t – blog posts from 2011 are a big giveaway – that’s why I like to thoroughly train a client on how to use their site, ensuring all elements are understood and then revisit them on a regular basis, to ensure everything is running as they would hope. A site is only easy to update if you have been trained in how to do so, so clients – make sure you get that tuition!

Making your site available, neatly links me back to the site we will be releasing later in the week for Clifford Johnston solicitors. Not only is the site content managed and easy to update, we’ve also built the site to be widely available to a range of potential custom. Whether on the move with an iPad or iPhone, or at the desk with your desktop system or laptop, you can guarantee the site will look great! Being available to your customers is vitally important, we don’t want them wandering onto a competitors site just because yours is too hard to read on the move or not functioning as they would expect. Check out our responsive websites to find out more!

Finally, we like all our sites to be reliable, with as little downtime as possible. We strongly recommend that when buying a site, you look to take hosting with us as well – keeping everything in one place is a simple way to ensuring your site has little or no downtime, and if it does, you have access to the team dealing with all your web queries – no stress required! If your site is hosted externally, unfortunately its out of our or your web designers hands, and this can be disastrous, especially during busy business periods.

Thanks for reading my post – next week I’ll be writing up a detailed manual on how to use your CMS site from mmadigital, so please stay tuned!

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