Is SEO finished as we know it?

September 12, 2013 10:36 am

What is traditional search? With search engine optimisation still a relatively new concept the idea that it has any tradition at all seems rather strange.  But, it would appear that traditional SEO is a changing concept.

As previously mentioned, Google is constantly updating its algorithms to bias well-written, fresh content, so what does that mean for other SEO?

Fresh content is vital for the growth and rankings of your website, there clearly is no denying this.  SEO originally started out as a few basic rules to ensure that your website was reaching the requirements set out by Google.  Lots of keywords, meta tags and back links.  Lots of links meant that your site was extremely important, especially if they were incoming links.

Google aims to mimic the human mind as much as possible.  Think of the prompts and autofills when you type in subject matter to the search field and the way that it ranks its results.  The more often a topic is referenced the more important the information is to us.

Nowadays, if you don’t have good, quality and unique content or a social media presence you can expect your rankings to plummet.  Google regularly updates its algorithms in accordance with what it thinks will serve your site best.

A holistic approach 

The rules are not as rigid in terms of ‘do this’ and ‘click that’,  They are far more holistic in their approach.  Content is king and will probably continue to reimain this way.  But good content is just not enough.  It needs to be enticing and informative to your reader too, not just for Google.  What do your web visitors want to know?  It needs to integrate with your site and be interesting enough that people will want to share it on social media.  If you want to do SEO well in this new ‘SEO era’ then it is time to employ an agency who do content well.

Content reigns on as king!

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