Interesting facts about m-commerce (mobile)…stuff you need to know!

February 11, 2013 2:32 pm

Here at mmadigital we don’t often bombard you with facts. We believe in explaining, describing and visually displaying all that you need to now. However, when I read these facts about m-commerce, I felt it was only right to share them with you.

These are the kind of facts that you can wow people in the pub with, or rock out at a meeting when deciding if m-commerce or new digital solutions are the right thing for your business. And in answer to the last point, yes, yes they are.

You can’t ignore the fact that smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Check your bag, your back pocket, your desk. Chances are, you have some kind of mobile device on your person. Maybe even more than one.

Ofcom have highlighted that 58% of the UK population now has a smartphone. 19% have a tablet. When you think about it, that is quite a large number overall. Websites need to change, adapt and fit in with our user habits.

Here are some stats that will really get you thinking:


According to Ofcom, m-commerce grew by 254% in 2010-2011. Yep, that was 254%. By 2011-2012 it had grown to a staggering 300%. So, if you are not mobile ready, well you are clearly missing a trick.


Over two thirds of tablet owners use it to make a purchase each month. So, that is two-thirds making around 12 purchases a year on their tablet. If your site isn’t easily accessible then again, we repeat, you are missing a trick.


Did you know that tablets convert at four times the rate of smartphones? If your site can’t be viewed easily on a tablet then you could stand to lose your customers.


Over 30% of smartphone owners use mobile to research. When looking for products they will quickly turn to their smartphones to find out more. They are also using them in-store when shopping too. Right at the point of purchase.

There is a rise in m-commerce, a rise in research using mobile and also a rise in impulse buying. Adapting your site to suit m-commerce will not be an impulsive move for you. You could stand to gain a lot.

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