How to use social media to get your video ‘out there’

March 27, 2012 7:48 am

VideoIf you have spent time creating a fantastic corporate video then you will want to shout about it. Chances are you are already using Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. But there are other social media tools you can utilise.

Here are some handy hints on how to use social media to really spread the word:

1. Blog about it
If you write a business blog, which you should, why not write a few posts about your video? You could let your clients and blog readers have a sneak peek before you release it. On the launch day of your video you could showcase it and explain what you did and why you did it. Everyone loves a bit of inside info.

2. Tweet, tweet
Use your current social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter to promote your video. You could run a teaser letting your followers know that something big will be announced, and then release your video with a link. Encourage your followers to share it and let you know what they think.

3. SEO
The trick is to make sure your videos are search engine friendly, so people will be able to find them. Add title tags and wherever you place your video make sure you add keywords.

4. YouTube
Another great social networking site is YouTube. It is the largest video sharing website ever so it is the perfect platform. Include relevant tags as this will really enhance your SEO.

5. Let the video blogs know
There are lots of blogging sites out there with bloggers who spend all day, every day, writing about videos. Send it to them before you release it and let them have their say. By doing this you could really create a buzz surrounding your video.

When it comes to video, whatever you do, make sure you promote it. Think outside the box and let the whole world know. With social media all things are possible. You never know, you could be the next YouTube sensation!

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