How to shout about your video

August 7, 2012 9:51 am

Now that you have made the steps to getting a corporate video on your website it is vital that you let people know about it.  Having a video on your website will certainly help to tell the story or relay the message that you want people to hear.  But having your video on your website alone simply isn’t enough. Here are some ways to share and shout about your new video.

1. Submit to social video sites 

You can send your corporate video to social video bookmarking sites such as and StumbleVideo.  If people vote for your video then thousands will see it. It is a really great way to get your video out there.

2. Email to video blogs

One of the best ways to get your video out there is to send an email with a link to your video to the video blogs and websites.  Ask people to review it and to discuss the video.  This will also help your SEO. If bloggers like your video then it will soon be talked about amongst their circles and blogs.


3. Social media 

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your video.  It is really simple to do.  Just post a link to your video and ask people what they think.  Really get people talking about your video and encourage feedback.

4. Upload it to YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website of all time.  Make sure you upload your corporate video to YouTube.  This will do wonders for your SEO. If you are planning on creating several videos you can even create your own YouTube channel.

5. Send out a press release 

Another way to share your video is to send out a press release.  You can submit it to all of the relevant publications in your industry.  You can submit online press releases to the publications that you feel would respond and post your video. It is a great way of getting free press and letting the right channels know about your video.

There are many ways to promote your video online.  Just make sure you take the time to explore all options.  Ask people for their opinion and generally get people talking about it.  You never know, your corporate video could go viral.

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