How to get your clients to SHOUT about you

February 8, 2012 9:31 pm

Ever wondered how Steve Jobs got people to fall in love with Apple? He created evangelists. People who didn’t just love the Apple product, but who loved it so much that they wanted to shout about it. Alex Goldfayn has just released a book entitled, ‘Evangelist Marketing: What Apple, Amazon and Netflix understand about their customers (that your company probably doesn’t’).

Goldfayn believes that there is a formula that can be followed by businesses. This formula will get others to shout about you. You don’t have to be the top dog to have your customers telling the world about your products. Goldfayn has three simple rules that enable what he calls ‘hyper-repeat customers’, who ‘basically do your marketing for you’. Imagine that, customers who tell the world so you don’t have to!

The three rules are:

Keep it mainstream – By focusing on your early adopters you are only keeping 3% of your market happy. Keep the other 97% on board. They are your core market.

Know your customers – Goldfayn states, “The cornerstone of the system of creating evangelists is a deep understanding of what your customers think, want and how they use your product service.”

Do your research – This is not just a survey here and there. It is about listening to what your customer wants. Goldfayn highlights that by speaking to your customer base “You know it’s going to resonate with your market because it’s coming from your market. The companies that don’t do this are just guessing from a conference room.”

Perhaps it is time to take a step back? Away from the board room and focus on the best ways to engage with your market. Find out what they are saying and let that influence you. Follow these rules and you might have a group of brand ambassadors on your hands before you know it.

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