How technology hooks us in

March 22, 2012 5:44 pm

The Ideal Home Show at Earls Court (until 1st April) has seen some changes over the years not least in gadgets.  From the vacuum cleaner to the fridge to the microwave, the show has highlighted what have all been seen as radical changes in their day.

This year, the shows 104th, the House of the Future highlights a number of ‘improbable’ high tech suggestions.  As they are rolled out new gadgets or technology always seem improbable.

Digital marketing servicesThe smelly robot
One of the interesting new inventions is a device, the Olly, which fills the room with strawberry scent when you receive a new tweet.  The Olly basically tunes into what you’re up to online.  This smelly robot as MSN refer to it, might waft your partner’s perfume or aftershave through the room when they Facebook you.  There are possibly many more opportunities for it to tune into what you are watching on TV for instance.

How will we be able to use it?
Don’t poo-poo this new technology.  At the moment it is only a proto-type but a developed model could be useful on Social Media sites when you’re promoting your products or services.  It could certainly help to create the ambience of your business.

After all who’d have thought we’d be able to talk to our iPhones or the new iPad and get them to do the rest of the work for us?

Digital marketing develops almost daily so you can be sure that technology will continue to develop ways in which we cannot only spend our hard earned cash but also keep in touch.  As we know, once we’re hooked we can’t imagine how we ever lived without them!

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