How should we be measuring, socially?

September 12, 2012 8:44 am

This is not a question asking if you are attending the right events and wearing the right
shirt and tie combo. More a question of are you measuring your social media value and if
so, how?

Social media is one of those tricky areas that doesn’t always have a direct ROI. But that
doesn’t mean it holds no value. In fact, for many, like us, social media is an essential part
of your business plan. I, personally, feel that without it you could lose valuable custom.

But it is perhaps not all about facts and figures and that is why I urge you to stop looking
for direct sales figures and amazing ROI stats. Here are a few ways to start measuring
your social media.

Are you engaged?

Nope, not a proposal. What we want to know is are you engaging with your audience,
your followers, and how are they engaging with you? Are you providing them with content
that they can share, chat about and discuss? You should be. This is how you will get
your followers to engage with you and to express themselves. This is where the value is.
It is in the ‘likes’, the ‘follows’, the ‘tweets’ and the ‘re-tweets’. This is how you build and
expand your customer database.

Pass comment

Another great way to measure the value is to look at the quantitative interaction. Not
merely the thousands of followers but which ones actually have something to say. If they
buy a product from you, do you encourage them to share their experience via your social
media? These comments are extremely valuable. They become your testimonials and
provide you with a platform to reach out to others. Try it!

Goal orientation

What is your goal for social media? To get your name out there? To drive traffic to your
site? To develop your brand? Whatever it is you need to compare your social media back
to this. There is no point expecting to gain more traffic and never sharing new products or
links back to your site. Social media isn’t magic, it is a tool.

Like with any good marketing tool, you need a plan, a bit of a strategy. Ask yourself if you
are using it to the best of your advantage. Are you engaging daily? Also, make sure you
are talking as if you want to get to know your audience. You will find they soon respond
when you ask them questions, provide them with interesting content and find out what they
want and expect from you.

Yes, we live in an age of expectation. Your customers expect to see you on social media.
The more you are, the more you will be able to measure the true value, socially speaking
of course!

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