How Ralph Lauren took denim into the digital age

February 21, 2012 12:39 pm

Ralph LaurenIt is no secret that business today revolves around technology. From social media and blogs to e-commerce and m-commerce sites, consumers have so many different ways to research and purchase than ever before. Your customers probably have a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop as well as various alerts set up on their phone.

Some of the biggest brands out there are only just realising the power of online. Ralph Lauren for example has recently announced that it has seen digital as having an effect, something many businesses have been using for years.

David Lauren, executive vice president of advertising and marketing at Ralph Lauren, has recently said, “It’s about finding the right technology to help you tell the story.”

Customers nowadays are very tech-savvy so you need to be providing them with the level of service that they would expect.

By making changes to the way Ralph Lauren sells and promotes they have been able to increase their online sales by 25% in the second quarter of last year. Ralph Lauren is renowned for being a very image conscious brand and technology is not just about ease of use. By expanding the way that they utilise technology they are appealing to tech-savvy customers.

Their main digital campaign was in 2010 where they used holographic images and fragrance to advertise Ralph Lauren Polo perfume. Alongside this they have also created an interactive website where customers can create their own rugby shirt and beam these into their shop windows. Understanding the image conscious aspect of their customers, alongside the capabilities of the digital age, they have created a unique style.

Their sales have been far stronger than they anticipated with expectations of a $1.67 per share on $1.755 billion in sales. Digital engagement is certainly helping boost this.

Retail strategist at Kurt Salmon, Cameron Glass, has spoken out about the digital shift in luxury retailers saying, “The luxury retailers are starting to play across the digital space because they want to be where their customers are. If they are not there they leave room for their competitors to steal market share.”

With the digital age now ever present are you aware of the impact this has on your customers? Are you paying attention to your tech-savvy customers? You need to. With online sales constantly increasing, despite the current recession, it is an area of growth that you need to be part of. The UK has seen a 16% growth per year in e-commerce retail, with 32 million people choosing to shop online in the UK alone. Digital is not just hype, it is a vital aspect of your sales and marketing.

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