How much online Klout do you have?!

July 12, 2011 2:02 pm

Want to know how much influence your website has? Check your Klout score to see if you are a highly influential player or a mere spectator.

Capturing the attention of your influential audience is not an easy task. Those who do are creating spectacularly engaging and relevant content that their audience is reacting to.

The fantastic interactivity social networking provides, such as Facebook and Twitter, are fantastic ways of determining who your audience is and whether your online content is any good.

mmadigital will take your through how the Klout score is measured and tips for increasing your overall online influence.


Measuring your online influence

Measuring your online influence

What is a Klout score?

The Klout score is effectively your ranking to how powerful your online content is to your audience. The higher your Klout score, the more robust and influential you are online.

The range of a Klout score is from 1 to 100. This is calculated using over 35 variables on a variety of social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.  This measures your True Reach, Network Influence and Amplification probability.


Are you a social networking bee?

Are you a social networking bee?

True Reach– the total number of your audience actively engaged in your messages – followers and friends who interact with you on a consistent basis

Amplification probability – the score you receive on the likelihood your content will have a reaction to your messages on a scale of 1 to 100 – comments, likes and retweets

Network influence – the influence level of your engaged audience. Are the retweets, @messages and followers influential in your market? These are the people giving your content the thumbs up and telling their friends about you.


Ways to increase your Klout…
Here are some general tips (some may think its common sense) to increase your overall online influence. Yes, more followers, friends, likes, retweets. Go on, boost your popularity!

First of all, make sure your content is of high quality and is relevant. Obvious, however, some people do miss this trick! This is subjective depending on your network and audience. Experiment with your posts and topics to see how relevant they are to your audience – you’ll discover what makes their brains tick and go from there.  Second, YOU have to initiate discussions; followers tend to be a shy bunch of people.  Third, connect to as many high quality social networks as you can.

mmadigital’s final thought

We reckon that gaining a better understanding of your business position online and seeing how influential you are is a powerful tool. The Klout score is a solid way of tracking how much influence you have over time. It gives you a base as to whether you need to up your online-game or brag about how popular you are (best not brag online, being obnoxious probably isn’t a great starting point for making friends).

Discover your Klout:

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