How important is original copy for your website?

August 17, 2011 6:32 pm

The content and copy of your website should reflect your brand and speak to your customers.  It should be a valuable information source of accurate and relevant information.  A potential client researching your services or products will quickly dismiss them if they’ve read it all before somewhere else!  And plagiarised copy will not reflect well on your business’ status.

We can review your website for original web copy

Whilst no business can afford to be without a website or not review their website regularly, it is good to remember that an Internet presence is like your shop window;   it’s the first point of call for many customers and more and more people shop online or at least research products and services via the Internet before making any decisions.

At mmadigital we can review your website to ensure that you are engaging with your existing and potential customers.

Original copy should reflect your USP (Unique Selling Proposition); it gets a subliminal message to visitors about whom and what you are. We offer these top reasons five for the importance of original copy:

  • Reflection of your brand and its USP
  • Accurate information about products and services
  • Aimed at your target market
  • Engagement with potential and existing customers
  • A reason for visitors to choose you

Review your website and if on consideration you need to update your website copy, mmadigital can help.  For a free consultation about your website or any part of your digital marketing needs,  call us on 0161 4520311.

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