How Facebook can help your business

August 4, 2011 2:05 pm

Social network leader, Facebook, is becoming an integral part of digital marketing campaigns.  There has been a 104% increase in the second quarter of the year in paid brand advertising on Facebook.

The rising popularity in Facebook campaigns reflects the fact that Facebook delivers strong results for businesses.

Increasing traffic to your website

Marketing blog content via social media platforms such as Facebook, drives online traffic to your website, via your blog.  Engaging in effective Facebook activity offers businesses rich opportunities to engage with warm leads from your social media messages.

How Facebook can help your business

How Facebook can help your business

Giving customers the latest news

Facebook gives businesses the opportunity to actively engage with customers on a daily basis.  Providing topical content relevant to your industry, promotes your business as credible and reliable sources.

Identifying your customer profile

Facebook offers marketers a window into the thoughts and behaviours of customers.  By identifying the psychology of your current customers – those who ‘like’ you and ‘follow’ you, businesses can target their audience much more effectively.

Facebook helps businesses gain knowledge of regularly used search terms and phrases, which assists with search marketing and targeting prospective customers.

Converting Facebook friends into customers

Keeping a regular conversation alive with relevant content ensures your business is in your customer’s thought process.  Using Facebook advertising and social activity in combination with other social media marketing, will help increase your business’ online influence, customer attraction and retention.

Is your business Facebook friendly?


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