How a full service digital agency can save you time and money

June 11, 2012 12:11 pm

mmadigital - based in the creative hub of Manchester

Digital marketing is still a relatively new field for a lot of businesses and as such is sometimes viewed as an expense rather than an investment. We believe that our results speak for themselves (check out our case studies and testimonials to see for yourself!), though beyond just an ROI and gaining new business, we can actually save companies time and money by becoming an extension of their organisation. Think of us as your marketing department!

Here’s why working with a full service digital agency like mmadigital can save you money.


Have you considered how much time you spend on the phone or answering emails for the same basic tasks? Perhaps things as simple as sending out brochures and pricelists, or answering the same frequently asked questions. As part of our service, we’ll get to know about your operational process and if there’s a task that we can automate online…then we’ll implement it into your campaign! One of the greatest benefits of this, is that we’ll be able to report back results so you can learn more about what makes your own customers tick.

Staff costs:

There’s no need to employ any staff to do the work that we can do. Essentially we become your team and depending on the work that we do, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a designer, website developer, Search Engine Optimisation consultant, Social Media Manager, Conversion Optimisation Manager, Marketing Manager and an Account Manager who reports all the results back to you. Can you imagine the costs if you were to have this team in-house? From making changes to your site, managing your social media platforms, creating email marketing campaigns and even print work – you can pass this all over to our team.

The right places to spend your marketing budget

We’ve seen it all, and we’ve heard it all before and as we have a team of experts who are constantly researching the industry and developing our offering, we know what does and doesn’t work. We always pass this information over to our clients, meaning that they are always informed on the latest industry updates. Keeping clients up to date means they have the industry knowledge to make informed decisions on what are good investments in marketing for their business.

Staff Training

Many companies are now creating a digital marketing role within their organisation and we can work with that person to train them on various aspects of digital marketing, SEO and social media. This training can cover anything from how to use social media platforms to writing high quality content for your website; we’ll teach you how to get the best from your online presence.

Competition Research

As with many SME’s, we understand that your multi-skill team wear many hats and juggle many tasks! Working in the business, rather than on the business is often priority, and this can sometimes leave little time for researching what your competition doing. As part of our analysis and review process, we’ll always be looking at what your competitors are doing to keep you one step ahead. With regular reviews with your account manager you’ll be able to spend your time on what you do best!

Are you interested to see how we can not only help you gain new business, but make savings on time and money? Book a consultation here

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