Google+ has smashed the 20m mark in just 3 weeks!

July 24, 2011 10:02 pm

Google+ is on fire reaching the 20 million unique users in just three weeks.  Google+ is the latest social networking platform released by Google, in direct competition with the likes of Facebook, who have 750 million users, and Twitter with 300 million users.

Google+ hits 20 million unique users in just three weeks

Google+ hits 20 million unique users in just three weeks

It is suggested that Google+ is raising the stakes and could rival the established social networking sites.  Google has the advantage of having a built-in visitor base of over 1 billion, therefore they have a high potential of converting their current users to Google+.

This enormous potential for growth is enormous, currently reflected in the fact that Google hasn’t used any of its other marketing channels.  The current growth is quite phenomenal considering it is still invitation only.

According to comScore, 60% of Google+ unique users are between the young and spritely ages of 18 to 25, of which 63% are male.  The United States has a huge 5 million users, followed by India with almost 3 million users.

Google is used by more than 1 billion people across the globe – including Google’s other popular products such as YouTube and Blogger.  Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, says they have a vision to integrate these products with Google+, therefore, we are likely to see Google+ unique user base grow exponentially in the near future.

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