Google +1 – do you recommend it?

July 8, 2011 11:37 am

Google introduced their most significant social feature to its search platform earlier this year.  They have added a one-click button to allow users to recommend and share sites they like with their friends. Yes, a direct rival to Facebook’s ubiquitous ‘Like’ button which appears pretty much everywhere online. These social buttons act as instant signals representing what content is most relevant to the user.

How it works
Users need to log in to their Google account to share their recommendations with contacts in their Gmail contacts. The small +1 icon appears net to search results and advertisements. These +1’s are visible to the online community.

Help businesses

Google+1 Recommend Icon

Google+1 Recommend Icon

Google +1 is characterized as different from the ‘Like’ button from Facebook; Google +1 will only be shared within the context of relevant searches. It will also influence the ranking of sites within search results listings. Users of Google +1 will be able to opt for recommended sites to be more visible in search results.

The social feature of +1 is today’s ‘word of mouth’ marketing. The user is publicly recommending their interests to their social group, who generally will be of similar interests. This feature is effectively saves sites you like on your +1 tab and easily located friends +1 sites. This +1 tab can be privately or publicly available, to the user and world respectively.

As the largest search engine service, Google accounts for more than 50% of incoming traffic to websites. Google were able to roll out this social button immediately.  For this reason, it has given brands significant reason to implement +1 into their sites.

Still in development
A post by Google+ development state they are actively advising businesses to hold fire on creating their +1 account.  It appears they have discovered the product is “not optimally suited” for business needs. Google’s team of engineers are currently optimising the Google experience for businesses and will “have something to show the world later this year”.

Watch the You Tube Clip from Google’s Christian Oestlien

Publishers and brands aim to be highly visible to their customers where they are most active online. Prominent brands such as Ford and Breaking News have already joined Google+1. Google appear to have not preempted the sheer number and high profile businesses jumping on board. Tactical moves by businesses capitalizing on social network marketing is becoming an integral element of successful marketing campaigns.

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