Give your law firm a face lift

April 2, 2013 11:00 am

With the ban on referral fees fast approaching you may find your mind going into overdrive. How will we generate leads? Are we marketing ourselves in the best way possible? How can we get ourselves ‘out there’ more?
Well, firstly, don’t fret. With mmadigital by your side we are here to make sure that we have all those questions covered. And, one of the best plans of action is to give your law firm a face lift. A few fillers, iron out a few creases and make it look fresh-faced.

But don’t worry, there is no surgery involved, and it won’t cost you your life’s savings either. Here are a few simple ways to make sure that your law firm is ready for the lead generation ban.

Aesthetically pleasing

Firstly, is your logo memorable? Do you have a website that will capture your clients? Will they know who you are? If you fear that this is not your strongest area then maybe it is time you do something to help. An overhaul of your logo will give your brand a fresh look. Now might just be the perfect time. Remember, first impressions count.


The same goes for being able to find you. If you are not ‘up there’ on Google then clients won’t be able to find you. Are you giving enough thought and attention to your SEO? Do you have the right keywords? Have you got a blog? If you feel that these are lacking then now is the time to take action. Having a fully optimised site is essential, especially in such a competitive market place.


Finally, if you are not making use of your social media then you are missing a valuable trick. Social media is an opportunity for you to get your brand out there, share who you are and provide your prospective clients with help and information.

Get ahead of your competition and invest some time and energy into giving your brand a facelift.

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