A full service legal client – what’s involved and how can it help?

October 2, 2012 9:03 am

This week saw the release of the brand new responsive website for Clifford Johnston Solicitors. Clifford Johnston are one of our many clients who have taken our full service package to benefit their digital marketing and generate valuable leads. So, what’s a full service digital package all about? Below I have detailed the specific areas, targeting potential customers, to give you an idea of how the system works.

Website & Search Engine Optimisation

Targeted at new and returning customers, who are looking to find a service your company offers. By creating a website that is easy to navigate, constantly updated and adaptable to the needs of your client, you can ensure that you are covering the whole surface area of potential incoming work. You’ll see from the example above that contact forms, clean, crisp text & fresh imagery has been used to map a route for a client to get in touch. SEO has been introduced subtly, but efficiently to ensure the company is well placed on search engines. Being found is the first step, maintaining the interest the second and finally receiving contact to generate a lead into a sale.

Social Media

Social Media is a new way to search for companies and services, there is no questioning that. Being part of the key social networks, we can offer clients a service which shouts relevant and key topics related to your services, to the public, on a regular basis. It’s an innovative and groundbreaking way of attracting new business, which more and more people are getting on board with.


A fairly new, fresh way of advertising your companies services. Video is, without any shadow of a doubt, the strongest tool on the web used to attract and maintain attention. Bulky text is a thing of the past, video can put forward all of this information, whilst providing a more personal, helpful & entertaining approach.


In the legal sector, being available for your clients on the go is vital to gaining their trust and capturing them at a time they need you. Whether it’s something that happened on the move, or something that’s troubling them, it’s so easy these days for a client to whip out an iPhone or iPad and find a solution to their problem. Being optimising for mobile through responsive web design is something that must be considered, given that mobile browsing is becoming more popular than desktop.


Microsites are used to boost specific services and capture details of potential customers. Several microsites aimed at competitive markets, can boost the enquiries for those services that may be a little tougher to tackle on the web. We’ve seen huge success in the area!

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