Formatting tips for Google+

July 19, 2011 5:48 pm

Google has attempted to break in to social networking for a while… you may remember Buzz and Wave. If not, well, no-one else can either! However, Google is bringing us a new social networking platform called Google+, which is currently being rolled out as a limited Beta trial, where membership is only available via invite only.

Google+ has a sophisticated user-interface, with unique features such as Hangout, Circles and Spark, which integrates Google+1 and more. There are increasing numbers of people signing up to Google+, where members are even importing their Facebook friends.




Top 5 tips for Google+
So for this reason, we thought we’d share our Top 5 tips for Google+ to help you get the most out of your Google+ experience.

Text Formatting
You can use the following to add formatting to your posts.

Bold Text: *Post* = Post

Italicised Text: _Post_ = Post


Strike through Text = -Post- = Post


It’s also possible to add formatting to whole sentences, not just individual words,
so *I love Google+!* becomes I love Google+!


It’s possible to tag people in your posts, simply by adding + or @ at the start of their name.

Adding Media
Add photos, videos and links, by clicking and dragging them directly into the share box

+1 Button
The +1 button can be used in two ways. The first is on a post, where it works the same as the Facebook “Like” button, and will show how many people +1 your post.

The second is clicking the +1 button on web pages, which will then show in the +1 tab of your Google+ profile.

Disable Reshare
Prevent people from sharing your posts or limit your comments to people in your circles, select ‘Disable Reshare’ option.

Interactive, intuitive and inspiring
Google+ are working hard to develop an intuitive and interactive social networking platform that integrates with all the websites you are interested in (Spark), visit and recommend.

Let us know what you think of Google+!


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