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May 25, 2012 12:27 pm

When it comes to your social media strategy do any of these sound familiar? “I want a million followers”, ‘I want to generate thousands of leads”.  If so then the chances are you won’t get what you are looking for.  It is time to think logically and be realistic.

Social media might be a fantastic tool but it takes a bit of thinking and patience before you see the results you want.  When developing your social media strategy there are a few things to consider.  Make sure you take your time to plan it out.

Understand your goals 

The key is to understand the goals you want from your social media and to focus on those.  Knowing the heart of your business and what you need to achieve is also essential

Get creative 

Your social media should be creative.  Know your competitors and what they are doing and get creative.  Consider competitions, give-aways, rewards and loyalty.  How will you reward your social media brand ambassadors? Perhaps you could host live clinics, where followers can ask questions?


Get listening 

Listen to your customers.  See what feedback they have to offer and utilise it.  Feedback via social media sites is priceless.  Rich data like this is key to improving your service.  Don’t be frightened to probe for more information about what your customers like and dislike.


Consider the balance.  For example, sending out posts on Facebook every hour could be excessive but if you are using Twitter it may work to your advantage.  Remember, each social media site has a different kind of audience with a different need.

You are building a community, a place for your customers to engage and interact.  Check out some of the bigger retailers out there who are really excelling at social media.  You could include some of their tactics in your strategy.

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