Five ways to transform your business with the power of Twitter!

May 9, 2012 1:58 pm

Whether you have just started your company or you have been going for a while, Twitter can have a serious impact.  You may have decided to ignore social media for many reasons, unsure of its use, not knowing the best way to use it.  But when it comes to business Twitter is essential.

Social media is one of the most cost effective tools you can utilise.  Which is great news when you are running your own business.  So, why not tackle them one at a time and get started with Twitter?

Here are five ways you can transform your business with the power of Twitter:

1. Ideas

Twitter is instant, in real time and is bombarded with millions of tweets each day.  It is the perfect place to go to if you are looking for ideas.  You can search for particular subjects or people who will be sharing their own thoughts and ideas.  ‘Hashtag’ along to those and you will find that the ideas just start flowing.

2. Team building 

You can help to boost your team and team spirit through the use of Twitter.  Whether you employ one person or 50.  It doesn’t matter.  Allow your staff access to the company Twitter account and encourage them to spend a bit of time building the brand profile and searching for useful information.

3. Communication 

Twitter is essential for letting others know what you are doing, what you are about and how they can get involved.  From competitions to blogs and new products.  Twitter is the forum for you to share your ideas, information and offer your followers plenty of advice.  If something exciting, or even not so exciting, is going on in your office, communicate it out!

4.  Share and share alike 

When it comes to knowledge, Twitter has it all.  Headlines, facts, the latest in your industry.  But don’t just take the knowledge, share it around.  If you share information from others then they will more than likely want to share yours.  Make the tweets you send out really useful, that way more people will want to share and talk about them.

5.  Inspire 

Twitter can really inspire the team you have around you.  Why not start tweeting some motivational ideas and spirit? This will really help to give your employees a boost and kick-start productivity each day.  When starting a business it is vital that everyone is on board and feels part of it.  Keep your team inspired through Twitter!

So, what are you waiting for? Kick start your business today through Twitter.  You will find your Twitter site grows fast, gets plenty of people talking and has your employees buzzing! Discover its value, today!

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