Do you know your Klout score?

February 8, 2012 9:40 pm

Klout scoreEvery business savy person these days uses Facebook, Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn.

But you want to be able to measure your marketing activity a quantitative way, including social media.

So how do you know how well your company is doing through the powers of social media?

Is it decided by the number of people who ‘like’ or follow you? Or is it by the amount of comments people add?

Well it is actually a bit of both, plus a number of other things. Such as how frequently people share your information, and how many people in your extended network will see it.

You can check to see if your brand has Klout by getting your own Klout Score here. You can also analyse and compare your score to others.

The average Klout Score is 20. As your score increases, it becomes harder to increase. That’s why you’ll see lots of 20s and not many 90s.

The aim of a Klout Score is to see how good you are at driving action. Social networking is all about engaging. By engaging people you will be giving your pages Klout. Simple!

Your Klout Score is measured by three things:

1. True reach – the amount of people you influence
2. Amplification – the amount in which you influence them
3. Network impact – the influence your network has

So, if you feel like your social media needs some Klout then make sure it is up to scratch. Don’t just Tweet any old thing, give it some thought. Add links to your Facebook pages and share stuff that has a use. Get blogging, ask people to review your products, and overall, engage and influence your network to make sure your business has some Klout!

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