Digital Marketing e-guide for law firms, now available for download

We are delighted to share with you our Digital Marketing e-guide for law firms.

Did you know…75% of law firm websites were in breach of SRA regulations in April 2019, when the SRA implemented its first ‘random web sweep’, selecting a sample of 500 websites to check for compliance against the transparency rules which came into effect in December 2018. It is therefore vitally important that law firms future-proof their business online and ensure they are taking advantage of digital marketing techniques to help raise brand awareness and effectively capture online enquiries.

According to our research report, Consumer Attitudes Towards Law Firms, published earlier this year, technology is reshaping the way consumers access and interact with law firms – 83% of consumers prefer to deal with law firms online and 55% prefer to communicate with their lawyers online compared with face to face contact (29%).

This handy e-guide breaks down different technologies and solutions law firms can embrace to help stand out from the crowd.

Our Digital Marketing e-guide offers you essential tips and practical advice, focusing on:

  • Your website and first impressions
  • CRO and SEO to optimising your website’s visibility
  • Online reviews – providing a reference
  • Drive rapid online growth with PPC advertising
  • Growing your social media channels to target your consumers
  • Live chat, chatbots and instant messaging – allowing you to be connected 24/7.
  • Use data and analytics to drive your digital marketing strategy.

Download the Digital Marketing e-guide

We hope this e-guide is of use to support your own digital marketing strategy and if you would like to know more about how we can support your case acquisition, please get in touch on 0161 452 0311.