RTA Claims Front Runner

Despite a reduction in market size, mmadigital still a front runner in delivering RTA Claims

Since the start of lockdown back in March, the motor claims market (RTA) has been contracting. Litigation Futures have reported that there has been a 38% fall in new claims between July and September 2020 and that, despite the fact that there are now more cars on the road, the market is not seeing claims from this increased number of vehicles.

The article on Litigation Futures also states that though there was a 10.5% increase in the number of claims than those from April to June, the percentage fall year on year was the same. In July to September 2019, 169,000 claims were registered to the Compensation Recovery Unit, compared with 105,000 in July to September 2020.

In the broader sense, the article also goes on to discuss the claims market as a whole, stating that the claims market is experiencing a long-term contraction, from a peak of 1,048,000 annual claims in 2012-13 to 829,000 claims in 2019-20, a 21% drop.

RTA Claims at mmadigital

Despite this, here at mmadigital our Road Traffic Accident statistics are not dropping. With the roads getting busier again, the number of RTA claims we are processing is going up. This proves that we are still strong in the market and can still provide significant levels of RTA claims to our panel of legal firms or anyone else who may require it.

We have delivered a consistent number of Road Traffic Accident leads in the months of July to September, and this trend looks like it is continuing, with October also delivering with the same consistency. This shows that we are still competitive in the market where others are seeing claims drop. Along with this consistency in lead volumes, we have also had consistent numbers of cases being qualified. This is down to our investment and utilisation of technology.

Our RTA claims have also been on par with our Occupiers and Public Liability claims in terms of leads generated through the technology we use. RTA claims are more attractive to our panel of legal firms due to aspects such as ease of proof of liability and speed of settlement. This shows that we are still a major player in the claims market. It also proves that customers are continuing to choose mmadigital and our personal injury marketing collective website The Compensation Experts to help them.

Personal Injury Claims at mmadigital

In the broader sense, we are also seeing all our types of personal injury enquiries increasing again. Our enquiries have been going up in the months since the lockdown rules were eased. This shows that we have weathered the initial storm of the first lockdown. We are still performing and outperforming in the volatile market we are currently in.

With the restrictions tightening again in England, the market remains unpredictable. But we have delivered and continue to deliver qualified enquiries consistently which has led to very positive feedback from our loyal panel members. This is due to our robust qualification system that our in-house contact centre goes through with clients, ensuring the leads are of a higher quality.

Here at mmadigital we are fully committed to helping as many people as we can, and we are going to continue to do that for hundreds of thousands more in the future.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, contact us directly to arrange an online demonstration of our lead generation platform.