Designing for PPC landing pages

September 1, 2012 2:31 pm

The basics –

Pay Per Click is a marketing tool you cannot afford to avoid. With fantastic opportunities to build your revenue and attract new clients, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment. PPC is something that requires careful attention, planning and expertise. Visit our PPC page to find out more about how you could benefit from one of our tailor-made campaigns.

This week the team have been working on a handful of pay per click landing pages, so I thought I would share with you some tricks of the trade. It’s important in your page(s) that you concentrate efforts upon creating a tool that targets your audience accurately. Content needs to be relevant and engaging, the layout and design needs to be authoritative and directional, and a lead generation form is vital.

How should you focus your design?

Though there are many important factors, my specialties lie in the design of these pages, so here are a few tips for you to follow :

  • Always ensure your ad design matches your website design, you want to portay a trusting and internal feel – anything too dissimilar just won’t gain the positive results we’re after.
  • Share graphic elements with those of external campaigns. People will recognise the brand and naturally associate the relation – this will help build up and earn trust between yourself and potential clients.
  • Ensure you keep strong continuity throughout your campaign page. A flowing, powerful page of high standard graphics, clean elements and compatible typeface will naturally attract the eye.
  • You want clients to know, straightaway “this is for me”. Make certain that important content which is guaranteed to grab their attention stands out and shouts the message.
  • Most importantly, make your page user-centered. Pages should be easy to navigate, areas of importance should jump off the page and content areas should be titled appropriately. Simplicity is the key here!

So you know the basics of how we approach the design of our campaigns. To find out more or book a consultation with the experts, drop by our PPC page today.

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