Designer & client relationship – the first stages.

August 10, 2012 4:28 pm

Today, I will give you a brief insight into why its critical for understanding between client and designer during the initial stages of a project. I thought it would be good to explore the initial stages of a project – just so you know what can help us click together from day one, and what will aid your designer to understand the nature of your project. Below are some things to think about before contacting us, which can help us establish the perfect digital package for you, as well as ensure things move swiftly in the early stages.

1) Know how to describe your company and what you offer. We take a great interest in what makes your organisation tick, what you do for your customer base and how you are structured, so be prepared for us to ask you some questions which will give us a feel for how we will approach putting into the design.

2) Who are your competitors, and what sets you apart from them. Whether it be the services you offer or perhaps the quality of product you provide – its important we know.

3) What problems do your potential customers have that your business solves? This is vital for a designer when mocking up initial homepage drafts as we need to know who and what we are aiming to capture in our design.

4) Describe your average customer and what they are searching for. Again, its important for us to have an idea of the potential users visiting your site, and noone knows them better than you.

5) What is your budget for this project? It’s a temperamental question for both parties, but having a “ballpark figure” in your head, or an idea of your marketing budget is vital. Don’t feel uncomfortable, we’re here to advise and build a relationship.

6) Who are the decision makers & what sort of timescales will they be working towards? One of the main things that can hold up a project is the allocation of a decision maker – choose someone who will have time to give us the answers we need, when we need them.

7) What is your deadline for completing the site? Give us a deadline to work to so that we can correctly schedule work and ensure your targets are met.

8) Find 5 sites you like which are loosely related to your industry. Showing us what you like in a site does not harm our ability to design – in fact, it helps it hugely. It’s always important for a designer to know the theme and style of the site, before sitting down with Photoshop to mock up.

9) Where is the website content coming from? We’ll need content – and noone writes it quite like the professionals. Ensure this is done in plenty of time before the project is due to end, this way we can pop live smoothly and problem free.

10) Be honest. Tell us right away and upfront if there is a problem – we’re only a phone call away and the sooner you tell us, the sooner we can plan it into the project schedule.

And finally… remember our phone number : it’s 0161 452 0311. Feel free to give it a call!

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