Meet the team: Daniel Clode, Head of Growth

mmadigital are currently hiring so that we can hit the ground running on some new, exciting projects in the New Year. We talk to mmadigital’s newest hire, Daniel Clode, to find out more about him and what his job entails.

What have you been hired to do?

I am mmadigital’s Head of Growth. In this role, I will be working with the company’s Customer Acquisition and Marketing teams to optimise the performance of our consumer brands’ online channels, help drive lead generation and ultimately, the number of enquiries we receive that we can then pass on to our panels.

What did you do before you joined mmadigital?

Before joining mmadigital, I spent over a decade working for a financial services company, where I managed all external partners and affiliates, and helped to increase the staff headcount from three to over 150. During that time, I also managed the delivery of all leads from external partners and affiliates for one of the world’s largest customer generation businesses, MVF, too. Prior to this, I set up two companies, specialising in web analytics and link-building, and so, I come to mmadigital with over 20 years’ experience in SEO.

In that time, I have seen the practices evolve dramatically over the years in response to the changes Google and other search engines have made to the algorithms that govern SERPs [Search Engine Result Page] performance for different keywords, and so, I’m well-placed to develop and implement a strategy that will ensure mmadigital’s consumer brands perform well when the public are looking for specialists to handle their personal injury, clinical negligence and probate claims.

What made you want to work for mmadigital?

It was clear from speaking to [mmadigital CEO and founder] Dez [Derry] that mmadigital is in an exciting period of expansion currently. The legal services market is also growing too as customers become more aware of their rights to claim too. The chance to join a growing company in a growing market is always attractive, and so, to help the company achieve its growth targets and continue attracting high-quality leads was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

Finally, a word from Dez Derry on Daniel’s hiring…

Daniel comes into the business with a great track record in lead generation. Through his expertise, mmadigital will be able to generate more enquiries in each of our vertical areas, which are then filtered and fed through to our panels of legal firms located across the UK.

This increasing number of leads means we are taking more and more enquiries too, and so, there are now also opportunities within our dedicated contact centre team. Furthermore, we are also looking to bring in specialist PR and social media support to work with Daniel, the Customer Acquisition team and the Marketing team to boost our external communications, build awareness of our consumer brands and bring even more enquiries in.