Content is still king, but only if you optimise

August 29, 2012 4:10 pm

In the world of digital, content is still king. Back in 1996 it was Bill Gates who first coined the phrase, but at a time when there was still so much advancement in terms of technology it is interesting to see that it still rings true.

Even Google has updated its algorithms to ensure that decent, quality content means that your site is ranked higher. By giving your audience content that they can read, share and enjoy will help to push you even further. The world in which Bill Gates was talking about has vastly changed in the 16 years since his content is king speech. Smartphones, e-commerce, social media and mobile have all changed the way we digest content.

The mobile era

But how does that work in the mobile era? In the world of m-commerce, or mobile commerce, content can only stay king if people can read it on their mobile phones. We no longer sit at PC’s that are firmly stuck to our desks. We have tablets, smartphones, laptops and all manner of ways in which we consume content. From the man sat opposite you on the train reading his iPhone to the woman in the doctors surgery using her tablet.

Our consumption of content has changed and still is changing. Which means that unless you optimise, content won’t remain king. Social media has adapted to the mobile era. We can update our Facebook statuses, tweet and share ideas via LinkedIn whilst on the go.

Presentation is queen

You may have a great website, with lots of interesting content, products and ideas, but if your users can’t access it whilst on the go, sat in their favourite coffee shop, or simply sitting on the sofa watching TV, it will be of no use to them.

In a world where content is king, presentation must then be queen. How we present our digital media is vital. Which leads me to my question, how accessible is your content on mobile? Is presentation queen? If the answer is ‘no’ then you could be loosing your audience at a greater rate than you thought possible. Now is the time for optimisation and making mobile a priority.

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