Consumer attitudes to choosing a legal adviser revealed

Ever wondered why consumers decide to go with one law firm over another? mmadigital reveals all in a new research report.

In March 2019, mmadigital conducted a survey through global market research consultancy, Sapio Research, which polled the views of over 500 respondents who have used or considered using legal services in the UK. The results of the survey have been combined into a research report, shedding light on how consumers really feel when engaging with lawyers & law firms including; how consumers choose a law firm, the cost factor, UK claims culture and how technology is shaping the way consumers interact with legal services.

The report also highlights consumer apprehension about embarking on legal proceedings and understanding of legal jargon.

Key reveals:

  • 83% of consumers admitted they prefer to deal with law firms online in an attempt to keep costs to a minimum
  • 46% are concerned about not knowing how much the legal fees will be until the work is completed
  • 41% of respondents admit they would consider making a false claim for financial gain, highlighting the need for robust filtering of new enquiries

To help law firms implement findings from the survey into their own communication strategies, the report also includes our top five tips for firms looking to become more accessible to consumers.

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About Sapio:

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