Calling all law firms – How mobile are you?

July 2, 2012 9:30 am

As a legal service provider how mobile are you?  Before you answer , having just Googled your ranking, did you know that 20% of the top 10 keywords for the personal injury market come from mobile devices? Did you also know that in the UK alone there are 26 million smartphone users?

What is even more remarkable is that not one of the law firms in Manchester or Birmingham, that appear on the first page for personal injury search terms, has a mobile responsive website.

What is that we hear you ask?

Well, in a nutshell it simply means that your website works across all mobile devices.

Why is that important?

Consider this, 59% of time spent on mobile devices is spent on the web.  With more mobile devices owned than toothbrushes, if you are not mobile responsive, you are missing out a significant market.  iPhones, Blackberry’s, iPads, laptops, PC’s, they are all devices through which we search.

But, they are all different.  Think about your own technology, your PC will have a different screen size to your smartphone.  Try and access your website through your mobile phone.  What do you see? Not ideal, is it?

The key is, mobile responsive design.  A website that adapts to the way the user is viewing it.  When it comes to the web, 77% of time spent using the web on a mobile is searching.  That includes searching for legal firms that will help them with their personal injury case.

But, if your site is not mobile responsive, not user friendly, not quick to use, with a simple display, then your visitors will head elsewhere.  79% of online retailers don’t have a mobile responsive site.  As a legal firm it is time that you created a user friendly site that people can access on the move.  On the train, in a meeting or whilst sat at home on their sofa.

With not one of those top firms in Manchester or Birmingham engaged in mobile responsive web design isn’t it time you put yourself ahead of the competition?

Why not contact us at mmadigital today to find out how we can help?


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