Brand New Websites for mmadigital Brands

Here at mmadigital, we are committed to our future. We invest in the things and people that matter. We have continued our investment in our Search Engine Optimisation strategy to increase the number of quality cases we deliver to our law firm panel, and we are currently working on our next big project, which will include two brand new websites.

Who is it For?

Earlier in the year we redesigned the website of our consumer facing brand, The Inheritance Experts, and we are now doing a huge overhaul of our other two major consumer facing brands, The Compensation Experts and The Medical Negligence Experts.

What Will it Offer?

We are currently working on a major rebrand and redesign of The Compensation Experts and The Medical Negligence Experts. Using carefully structured brand narratives and concepts, we have identified what matters most to claimants who are in need of legal assistance the most.

Where Will it Happen?

This change will happen everywhere! Our websites, social media channels and all other consumer facing marketing material. We are continuing to invest in in SEO alongside our paid enquiries to make sure we can reach out to any prospective claimant across England and Wales.

When Do the Websites Launch?

We have been hard at work over the past few months to make this happen as soon as possible, and we are now within touching distance of the finishing line. We are that close in fact that, at the start of 2021, we will be ready to go live.

This will kick off our big plans for 2021, in which we plan to grow and develop even further. Watch this space!

Why Are We Doing This?

At mmadigital, we know that one of the most important factors in any business is their website. It is the first thing that customers see, and, ultimately for us, it is what generates leads. Investing in a high-quality website that is simultaneously professional and exciting is important to us, as it not only entices consumers but also keeps them interested in our brands. It also creates a better user experience for our consumers.

To enable us to redesign our websites in the best way we can, we have teamed up with the best creatives to collaborate with our large in-house team. We had a competitive pitching process and chose the creatives with the best fit for us.

How Will this Help You?

When we redesigned The Inheritance Experts site, it paid off; generating many more organic enquiries. Our other two brands are much bigger, so we are expecting massive things for the new compensation and medical negligence brands.

Mainly, the two brand new websites will generate more organic enquiries, and, as you may know, these enquiries are important to our business. These enquiries, which will go hand in hand with our paid enquiries, will help drive more volume into our business. This, in turn, will allow us to generate and qualify more high-quality cases for your law firm.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, contact us directly to arrange an online demonstration of our lead generation platform.