Benefits of online video production

July 17, 2011 9:21 am

Online videos are the hot new media trend everyone who is anyone is using.  Online video is fast paced, direct and personal. mmadigital is currently seeing many businesses incorporating online videos are part of their marketing communications strategies.  Using online videos have several benefits for business.

Easily connect to your customers
People want information quickly, easily and in a clear format. Video does just this.  A simple click on your video link and they are actively engaged in your marketing message.

Experts in your field
With the right content and recognition, video can be a powerful tool to get customers to trust your authority in your field. Giving advice and presentations via an online video can help build and enhance your company’s credibility.

Visual effects and sound make it easy for your customers to understand your company, values, products and services from a short video clip. If your product is innovative or complex, you can show customers how to use your product.  This allows you to ensure customers fully understand the benefits and features of your brand new product or service.

Personalising your company
It is a true saying that ‘people buy from people’.  An online video gives your company a human face, therefore creating personal interaction with your customers.

Greater return on investment
The bottom line is what everyone is looking at.  Mymarketing AID knows that a quality online video is a great way to spread your message, product or service.  Increasing your video recognition with targeted marketing, you will increase your online influence; build your brand image and enhance lead enquiries for your business.

Types of online videos

  • Website presentation – Presenting your products and services in a clear and friendly manner
  • Promotional video – Highlighting the key benefits of your new products and services
  • Corporate video – Presenting your company image, values, latest news in person
  • Viral video – Create a funny and interesting video that people will share with others

Mymarketing AID can help you get started in the world of online video production, marketing and promotion.  Let’s get together to create a great online video for your company – simply call us on 0161 4520311 for a free consultation.

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