Benefits of B2B social networking

August 2, 2011 3:51 pm

Business is getting increasingly social, and savvy B2B marketers know that it is more than just opening a Facebook and Twitter account. Understanding how social a particular industry is becoming is currently a challenge to many businesses.

mmadigital has seen how social media can offer businesses insight into their customers and have immediate interaction.  Measuring the effects of social media is fantastic for businesses who are results driven.

Here are some top reasons for getting your business socially engaged:

Increase online influence
Social media is an interactive and instant forum where customers have the power to voice their opinions – good and bad.  Therefore, your business is likely to be a part of an e-conversation somewhere out there. It is a great way for businesses to understand their customers and their customers to understand the industry.

Becoming socially aware about your prospective and existing clients will benefit your marketing, where can monitor current trends, influence your audience and gain online credibility.  Social media allows your customers to show you they ‘like’ what you have to offer, therefore giving you a higher online influence.  Monitor your social media online and reap the benefits of being a social business.


mmadigital - helping you get to the top of your social networks

mmadigital - helping you get to the top of your social networks

Better brand positioning
Businesses which are actively engaging in social media significantly increase their brand awareness, market positioning and generate inbound responses.  This is applicable to those who are prospective buyers.   The number of times your business is mentioned in social media is an indicator of your online influence.  Increased visibility builds trust and familiarity with customers, therefore they are more likely to purchase products or services.

Social interaction with prospects and customers
Social networks provide a window into how your customers think and feel about your business, and the industry as a whole.

Segmenting and qualifying your market via social networks gives you an increased amount of knowledge about your customer – demographics, age and business.  You can also identify prospects, customers and influencers in your field. Understanding each customer’s decision making stage and problems they encounter, you can engage with prospects with highly targeted advertising channels.

Customer care
Social media provides an open forum for anyone with an interest (positive, negative and inquisitive) to post about your company.  By monitoring opinions and questions, you are able to interact with customers on a personal level.  Humanising your business shows that customers opinions are considered with due care.

Social media for businesses
Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are popular social media channels businesses are jumping on board and capitalising on all these benefits.  Social networking platforms provide quantifiable measurements, interactive conversations and targeted B2B marketing.  This increases business online influence and positioning.

Is your business at the top of its social game?

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