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September 21, 2011 3:48 pm

Google Chrome is a web browser known for its speed, simplicity and efficiency, and security.  Of course there is more to Google Chrome that makes it very attractive:  themes and incognito mode and applications or in the more IT ‘street-speak’, it will run apps.

With i- and smart-phones leading the way with these it is no wonder that they would become available for your pc too.  Google Chrome is well on the way to offering a whole bunch of useful ones.

Google Chrome apps

Free apps
There are a number of free apps available which can be downloaded to Google Chrome which allow you even faster access to certain areas particularly for blogging or linking your social media sites.  Google Chrome’s site lists 670 free apps currently.  Some obviously do similar jobs to one another but they are all designed to simplify and speed up things you probably already do.

A small sample, in brief
Tumblr, Tumblrblogger, Picture To Tumblr to Queue and TumBlogger
These apps all offer easy access to tumblelogging – short to the point and direct copy in Twitter style, instant photo, text and video sharing and more.

Twitter Photo Zoom
Does just what it says on the label!  It’s great for lazy Twitterers, as it super-sizes anyone’s avatar when you run your cursor over the thumbnail.  Haven’t you always wanted to know what your followers look like?

Context Menu URL Shortener, URL shortener and Li
Apps that instantly shorten URLs for posting to your social media sites.

‘Exfm turns the entire web into your personal music library’ claims Google Chrome.  Runs in the background building a music library for you.

Some top rated apps
This app expands your blogging dashboard to include relevant content suggestions, offering up images, links and articles etc and encouraging re-use and linking to other content with a single click.

Magic Cube Feedstore for Google Reader
Feed Store keeps you up to date with your feeds, anytime anywhere even when you’re offline!  Offers an i-Tunes type interface with similar HotKeys to Google Reader.  You can customise your preferences and styles too.

Post to multiple social media at the same time.

X-notifier (aka MuNo) checks your webmail accounts and notifies you about the number of unread emails.

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