All video cameras are not created equal.

May 30, 2012 10:27 am

Today we’re talking technical, about video cameras.  Having a basic grasp of the technology can help you to choose a video production company.

Traditionally, video was always the poor cousin of film.  Movies were made on long strips of expensive 35mm or 16mm film.   Video was an ugly but affordable alternative.  In 2008 this all changed.  Digital SLR cameras, normally used for photography, started shooting video. This has made beautiful looking video available to the masses.   DSLR’s have large sensors. Much larger than normal video cameras.  They create images closer looking to film.  So much so that Hollywood studios are sometimes using them instead of film e.g. Black Swan, Terminator.

This means now that corporate videos can look as stunning as a TV advert or film.  However, a lot of video companies have resisted this change. They prefer their bulky, outdated cameras.  This is good for them, but bad news for clients.  These old cameras have tiny sensors, producing low budget, old looking video.  There is no financial saving for the client either, as DSLR productions cost exactly the same.

With DSLRs there are other advantages. You can use various lenses for classic looks.  For example, shallow focus, a typical cinema technique:  Also they can resolve finer detail, richer colours and add a warmer photographic look to video.

At MMA Digital, we always shoot with large sensor DSLR cameras.  This visual revolution has enabled us to produce videos that we could only have dreamed of 5 years ago.

See an example here, for Mitchell Charlesworth Accountants :

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