5 top tips for a video worth talking about

December 5, 2012 7:22 am

A corporate video that looks great and makes a welcome addition to your website is key.  But it is also important that you create something that really gets people talking, and pushes them to your website.

When it comes to creating a unique video for your business it is wise to take a few things into consideration.  Don’t be tempted to always play it safe or choose something too corporate. Why not create something that will get people talking? Create a buzz and give it an edge perhaps?

Here are a few ways to really get people buzzing about your video:

1. Know who you are talking to

People will talk freely about your corporate video if you know who your target audience is.  There is no point creating a video about your product if you have no idea who you want to aim it at.  Your video should be talking directly to them. Appeal to their needs and talk to them on their level.

2. Call to action 

A corporate video is there to impress.  But it is also there to encourage the viewers to take action.  Whether that is to pick up the phone to book an appointment, visit your hotel or try your new product.  Make your call to action clear. Don’t hide your message or try to be too clever.

3. Short but sweet 

If your video is longer than a few minutes you could lose your viewer.  Under two minutes should be sufficient enough to showcase what you need to.  Remember, people online have very short attention spans. And, once they click off you may lose them for good. Give them something to talk about.

4. Cue, music 

It is important that your corporate video uses the right music. It will stick in their minds and add another dimension to your video.  Create an audio and visual masterpiece! Sometimes the more upbeat and atmospheric music can really transform a video.

5. Less is more

Try not to cram too many things into your corporate video.  Too many messages can confuse your audience.

Why not make 2013 the year that you enhance your brand through corporate video? Start the New Year off with a bang! Lights, camera, action.

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