5 major problems with law firm digital campaigns.

August 21, 2012 10:06 am

So, you’re a major player in the world of law, you have a fantastic team of dedicated solicitors winning cases left, right and centre, but wait…your digital campaign isn’t performing? Today I will be looking into some of the major issues found with law firms and their online presence.

1) On the web, looks mean everything.

One of the main issues surrounding the failure of law firms online, is the lack of “wow factor” on their website. I took a look at five law firms from the same region earlier today, and not one shouted out “pick me”. Standing out from the crowd is something us web designers try to encourage you to embrace – people like things that look great, you’re not hurting anyone by taking a slightly different, quirky approach to things – except of course your competitors. Your customers want to know you are the company for them – it’s imperative that you show them this!

2) Allow your firm to be discovered.

The second issue is the failure of firms to concentrate efforts upon an improved online strategic campaign. Search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns are becoming increasingly popular in the law industry, so don’t get left behind. The sooner you jump onboard, the better – we don’t want to be playing catch up – especially if your company is struggling to attract customers already. Make sure you pick a company you can trust to do the work, and that they have qualified employees with proven results.

3) Educate your audience.

Pretty much everyone in your industry, and certainly the top 200 firms are focusing efforts on producing content-driven online promotion. Don’t get me wrong, this is great – articles, press releases and news feeds are fantastic ways of attracting new customers and vital attention, the problem is with so many being released each week, it’s easy to get lost in the thick of the sharing battle. A resolve for this is to write content that your potential client wants to read. Don’t focus your script towards a law centric audience, ensure you cover topics and share news that will benefit your ability to attract general readers. Do this, and you’ll be sure to inspire your audience to either follow your feed more regularly (which can result in future enquiries when they wish to find someone with your services) or, ideally lead to initial contact from the customer.

4) Capturing your potential clients contact details.

It would be impossible to generate a sale without gathering the relevant information required from your client. It’s important that your customer always knows exactly where they are, and where they are heading on your site so that it’s simple to find the information they need – especially your contact form. To make it easier, add a callback form in the sidebar of each page – this way, your customer can quickly request a call from you to gather the information if they’re in a rush! It’s true to say that too many sites fail to capture the information from their website, and end up losing sales to the next site in the pecking order.

5) Old school tactics just don’t do the job anymore.

Most law firms today are failing to introduce new and innovative ideas to explore marketing their range of services. It’s perhaps down to the older processes within law companies, which limit the potential to attract fresh, new talented agencies outside of law, to help with marketing and advertising campaigns. Many firms are starting to realise the benefits, hence the growth in the sector and the focus of well established digital agencies to approach companies within the law sector. We have seen a rise in firms opening their doors to such ideas, it’s certainly important that others start follow suit.

Should you have any questions regarding your campaign or how we could help, please free to email me on james@mmadigital.co.uk and I’d be happy to discuss further.

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