Investing in change for 2013 – responsive web

December 12, 2012 1:40 pm

As with most industries, the new year means new rumours for the world of digital – and today I explore what’s around the corner for mmadigital in 2013.

I’ll start the post with the obvious news regarding the release of the iPhone 5s and iPad5 which as usual, we’re all excited about. The 5s is set to be launched in June next year, and yet again rumours of new features have started to hit the web hard, with some of the more convincing ones being that the phone will be available in a range of colours and have a new advanced camera system. No doubt you’ll see our team flashing their new models when they’re released! (though I’ll be avoiding the pink version).

With this news in mind, 2013 is predicted to see the first fall in desktop sales since 2001, with tablet sales expected to exceed 100 million by the end of the year and a possibility of the devices outselling laptops, a dramatic twist in the digital tale! Given the facts, it’s easy to see that mobile browsing is set to hit the roof, and it’s important to prepare your business for this inevitable swing in the trend.

The solution, without a shadow of a doubt, is to make your website work equally well on each and every device it’s viewed on. This is where responsive web design makes its introduction. Responsive design is simply a site that adapts to it’s environment, whether it be on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile – any make, any model. It’s inevitable with the change in the public’s tradition browsing, that 2013 will be the year that responsive design takes off – and given that we’ve been building our sites this way since early 2012, we feel we’ve put our clients in good stead for a successful digital transition into the new year.

In 2013, mmadigital will be looking to really break the paradigm in digital solutions. Our web department will be looking into new innovative ways to build a great user experience for all devices. I believe the year will see a transition in the typical metaphor for a page, and I’ll certainly be exploring the best way to attract new customers to your business through the exploration of new user experience techniques.

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