10 reasons to call us if you’re an SME in Manchester

September 10, 2011 2:31 pm

If you are a small or medium sized business in the Manchester area , the chances are you don’t have a dedicated marketing department, much less a team dedicated to your online marketing, an area you may not have dipped your toes yet.

We have some good news for you! mmadigital based in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London can help.  Digital marketing is a fast growing way of getting your business – whatever it is – seen in your marketplace.  We know the digital marketing business well – we are experts in this field.  Here’s what we can do for you:

1. Marketing review
We can assess your current marketing plan to see what is working and what isn’t; we can revamp your plan and work with   you to achieve these.
2. Use us as a Marketing consultancy
To take a good look at all your marketing activities, evaluate and assess strategies for going forward.
3. Migration
mmadigital can migrate your existing marketing with new techniques to give you a complete service.
4. Web review
To assess your existing site and look at ways to make it more engaging and interactive for your customers.  A necessity in an age when your website is the first place a customer will look.
5. Website design – or redesign
Following the review we can talk to you about redesign or development of your website to build business.  This will include the user friendly nature of your website, content management and analytics for on-going assessment.
6. Search Engine Optimisation
A website is no good if no one visits it!  The reason for a web presence is to make your business visible – it’s your online shop window.  SEO helps to make your website visible in the various search engines; the aim of SEO is to get you as high up the search engine pages as possible so that searchers find you first!
7. Social Media
Use of Social Media for business marketing is growing daily so you can’t afford to ignore it!  It is used mainly for brand recognition and to connect with your customers.
8. Email marketing
This offers a fast way to keep in contact with your existing and potential customers and is a very cost-effective way of getting those leads that all businesses need.
9. Telephony
We can measure inbound traffic both on and offline with integrated telephony on your website.  This will allow us to monitor which adverts are successful and which pages are visited and for how long.
10. Personal marketing team
Importantly you can engage us on one off projects or as an ongoing consultant on long term projects.

Get in touch with the team to discuss options and start your digital campaign on 0161 452 0311 or via email.


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